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Malaysia is a country full of contrasts and exciting cultures. Side by side people with different cultures and religions lives in peace and harmony.

MM2H Programme

My 2nd Home (MM2H) programme promoted by the Malaysia government, which ensures the successful applicants will have a long stay visa for up to 10 years. This was offered by the Ministry of Tourism and Immigration to attract people from all around the world who would love to stay in Malaysia and have a status to make Malaysia their second home. Till now, over 17,000 families have been approved under the MM2H visas to reside in Malaysia on a long term basis.

Education in Malaysia

It is designed to help foreign parents and their children to get the best out of education in Malaysia. Education is booming in Malaysia due to a variety of aspects including the very low cost of living, the atmospheric conditions, the relatively low crime rate, and the evolving excellence of the education base here as well as the growing composure of the administrative framework it all works within.

Medical in malaysia

Malaysia is reputed for its advanced medical base and facilities. The low cost of healthcare and the range of health insurance options mean that the paying for health maintenance is no obstruction. Healthcare costs are so low that you can pay out of pocket for many standard procedures.

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As the programme is proposed, organized and launched by the Malaysian Government and is thus one that the Government will continuously pursue to improve, to ensure its success. The country has almost everything for the family,-amusement parks, jungle trails, sports, water sports and many more stuffs to enjoy. Universal cuisine is available here at very equitable cost. With so many races and cultures living together in tranquility, it is obvious that each race has picked up the best of each other’s food and made Malaysia into Asia’s Food Paradise. Shoppers can also browse for fascinating curios on parade at the weekly flea markets. Join in the frenzy of haggling at the night markets, an interesting feature of local life.




Any foreigner aged 21 or above can apply for MM2H application regardless of gender, religion, nationality, and culture to apply. Applicants are allowed to bring in their partner, children below 21 years old, parents above 60, and even housemaid & pet from home country to join this program.


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